The biggest winnings in NetEnt machines

The probability of hitting the jackpot in slot machines NetEnt - 1 in a million. Nevertheless, in the history of gambling there are several examples when players managed to become true millionaires. Next, let's analyze what slots they played and how much they managed to win.

Famous winning stories

The stories of big winnings inspire many players. This is a clear example that luck can smile on every gambler if he plays actively. There are examples of jackpots of between 7 and 30 million euros, and this is not the limit. Some players purposely chased the jackpot, some sat down to play slots NetEnt out of boredom.

 Hall of Gods" slot and over 7 million euros

In 2012, a Swedish woman was lucky enough to claim a jackpot of €7.6 million. She played the Hall of Gods slot at 50€ per spin, a high bet in and of itself. The winner planned to use the money she won to pay off loans, help her family and buy a new car. 

Jackpot in the slot "Hall of Gods" of 8 million euros

Slot machine "Hall of Gods" from NetEnt is definitely loaded with good luck. How else to explain the fact that in 2015 while playing this slot jackpot was 8.73 million euros. The winner's name, age, country and other personal details remained classified. The player was afraid of excessive attention. 

A series of victories in the Mega Fortune machine

At least three lucky players in the past decade have managed to break the trump in the "Mega Fortune" slot. To begin an overview of the series of winnings is worthwhile with the story of 2015. Then a 30-year-old Swede managed to win one of the biggest jackpots among NetEnt machines. 

According to the lucky man himself, at first he was shocked and could not believe his luck. Then he ran to wake up his wife. Swedish planned to spend his winnings rationally: to pay the mortgage, go with his family to vacation around the world and buy a car. 

No less impressive is the story of a young Norwegian, which occurred in September 2018. He could not sleep at all, so to brighten up the time, he decided to play a little online slots. He could not sleep - he hit one of the biggest casino jackpots. The prize was over 11 million euros and was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for a period of time. 

The record holder in a series of winnings was a resident of Finland. According to him, he both cried and laughed. The player spun spins for 25 cents, and after a while managed to pull down a jackpot of 25 million dollars. Part of the money the lucky man planned to invest, and the rest to spend on a trip around the world. 

This winning story clearly confirms the rule that it is impossible to predict and somehow project the jackpot. Therefore, the hunters for big winnings can only actively play slots and hope that luck will smile on them soon. 

Why do Swedes often win in NetEnt machines?

To give a concrete answer to this question is unlikely to succeed. Playing NetEnt slots is always luck. Predict the winning combination with 100% accuracy is unreal. There is an assumption that the Swedes play only in respectable and up-and-coming casinos with licensed software. In such playgrounds jackpots are played more often and a large assortment of slots is presented.

Is it worth chasing the jackpot?

The jackpot should not be the main goal of the game. It is recommended to approach gambling with caution, observing the rules of responsible gaming. In order to purposefully play for the jackpot, you must:

  • Have a huge bankroll;
  • Play on a regular basis in several casinos.

Few players can afford it. The probability of winning the jackpot is very low. Even if you play every day and make as many bets as possible on a daily basis, the chances of winning do not increase. Such active play will incur certain costs.