Play NetEnt slots from mobile devices

It is possible to play NetEnt slots from mobile devices. This can be done through the casino application or mobile browser version. The provider's slot machines are cross-platform. This means that the slots will work steadily on both the tablet and smartphone. To do this, you only need to provide a stable Internet connection.

Support for mobile devices in NetEnt

NetEnt slots are fully adapted to mobile devices. This is due to support for HTML5 technology. Previously, Flash technology was used in the development of slot machines. Over time, all of these slots have been re-released. The use of modern technology makes slot machines NetEnt not only adaptive, but also cross-platform.

This allows you to run slots on any device. This can be a personal computer, smartphone or tablet. In each case, the slot machine will work stably. This applies not only to the gameplay, but also to the components of design - animation and sound effects. Technical problems in the slots NetEnt are very rare. Most often they are associated with malfunctions of the device itself. 

Pros and cons of playing on your mobile

The main advantage of playing the game on your mobile is the ability to play without being tied to a place. Other advantages include:

  1. Variety of genres. Provider NetEnt offers slot machines of different types - in addition to the classic slot, you can run card or table games. 
  2. Synchronization between accounts. If you log into the casino from your phone, the game data will also be displayed in the desktop version of the account.
  3. Support for all slot machine functions. The principle of playing slots from mobile is standard, as is the algorithm of forming winning combinations.

With the abundance of advantages, the game from mobile has also certain disadvantages. It is fair to note them:

  1. Touch control. Due to the small size of the devices, sometimes the control causes difficulties.
  2. The need for an Internet connection. Even if there is no problem with this, the Internet can be unstable or weak. This will not give full enjoyment of the game in slots NetEnt.
  3. Technical problems. During the game may occur bugs.

The ratio of pros and cons is almost equal. When choosing how to play the game should be guided by their own convenience. 

Running NetEnt slots from your phone: Features

Running slot machines on the phone has a number of features. First of all, it is necessary to take into account that the launch requires a stable connection to the Internet. It is recommended to update the browser to the latest version, as well as clean its cache. This will get rid of technical problems.

The principle of playing slots NetEnt from mobile the same as in the desktop version. First you start the slot machine, then specifies the number of active lines and bet size. Slots can be run in two modes: for real money and in demo mode. In the free version of the game for betting virtual coins are used. In this case, it is impossible to withdraw the winnings. 

Slots for mobile devices have the following features:

  • Simplified game console;
  • Original visual design;
  • Nuances of interaction with the control panel.

Let's examine these aspects by example. Slots that support HTML5 technology are adapted for mobile devices at the stage of development. The small displays of smartphones and tablets lead to a minimalistic design. Most of the slot settings are located in pop-up windows. The central part of the screen occupies the playing field. 

Mobile control buttons are large and located on the side of the playing field. This allows players to quickly change the size of bets or request a payout of winnings. There is a button on the control panel to call up help information. The section opens in a new window. 

Technical malfunctions: causes and solutions

It is not uncommon for the user to run a slot machine and in the course of the game he has technical problems. This may have the following causes:

  • Outdated version of the browser. To solve the problem, you need to update the browser and additionally clear its cache.
  • Breaking of the connection. Here, the reasons for the failure may be two: bugs with the casino software or unstable connection. Please note: for a comfortable game in slots NetEnt need high-speed Wi-Fi connection. 
  • Games are popping out. Check if the latest browser versions and phone updates are installed.
  • Slot does not load. Try reloading the page. If the problem is not solved, it is worth trying to restart the device or try again from a new browser.

You can also solve technical problems by disabling applications running in the background. They require an Internet connection, which can cause delays during the game. When restarting the device, the game process is not saved. If the problem is not solved, it is worth trying to run NetEnt slots on another device.


What slots NetEnt available on mobile devices?

All NetEnt slot machines are adapted for mobile devices. This makes it possible to run slots as well as card and table games from your phone. Live games with a real dealer are also adapted to different platforms.

Can I play NetEnt machines without Internet?

No, it is not possible. Stable operation of slot machines requires a stable connection to the Internet. If it is not available, you will not be able to play the slots. 

Slots hangs. What to do?

If technical problems occur after starting or during the game, it is recommended to restart the browser. You can also try to play from another device. If the problem is not solved, contact the support team of the casino.