European Roulette by NetEnt

Скриншот рулетки European Roulette

Game interface and basic rules

In principle, the appearance of European roulette by NetEnt not much different from slot machines from other manufacturers. On the monitor you will see:

  1. Roulette wheel with numbered cells from 0 to 36.
  2. Playing field with the same numbers, which are located in different sectors.
  3. The control buttons located at the very bottom.
  4. The rate line with chips from 1 to 1,000 cash units (the currency depends on the selected casino).

To start the game, you need to select the level and number of bets (or more numbers) on which you're going to bet. After that, you should click on the big round button to start the round. If your bet plays, you will receive a payout according to the odds. For those who like to play big, you can double your bet in a quick way - just click on the button "x2".

In European roulette there are several types of bets (in brackets there is a payout coefficient when you win):

  • Equal odds. These are red/black, more/less, even/odd (1:1).
  • On a column (or dozen). A player bets on 12 numbers at once (2:1).
  • On the six numbers (5:1).
  • Cross (sometimes called the "corner"). This is a popular bet, as the payout in the case of luck will be very decent (8:1).
  • On three numbers (11:1).
  • On two numbers (17:1).
  • On one number (35:1).
Release Date: 2013
Type: European Roulette
Cost of chip: 0.1-1000
Minimum bet: 0.1
Maximum bet: 5000
Maximum bet per number: 100
Max payout ratio: x35
Max. win: 21200
RTP (%): 97.3
Platforms: PC, Smartphones

The advantage of the casino to the players is undeniable. It is in the range of 1.3-5.3%. It is believed that when playing European roulette house advantage is 2.6%. The French version (one of the varieties of the European) involves the most modest casino advantage of 1.3%. Nevertheless, you should not hope for constant winnings, because for a long period of time you will lose anyway.

The range of bets and winnings

A single option bets and winnings when playing European roulette from NetEnt does not exist (usually, more than 2,000 coins can not be put). In each casino, the administration itself decides what range it is interesting. By the way, it is because of the existing limits in the rates users find themselves in the loser, using the Martingale strategy. It implies a constant doubling of bets in case of failure. In the end, the player can "hit the ceiling" and lose all his money.

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