Demo slot from the company NetEnt

NetEnt is a well-known developer of slot machines. The company releases new slots regularly. On average, 3-4 new games are released per year. They support HTML5 technology, which makes them adaptive to mobile devices. Slots are released on different themes, with different functionality and different levels of volatility.

Variety of slot machines

Provider NetEnt specializes in the production of classic slot machines. Most of them are slots with a variable number of lines and reels - about 80% of the entire range. In the collection of developers there are also card and table games, several types of roulette (European, French, American) and slots with progressive jackpot. 

Slots can be divided into several parameters:

  • Volatility (high, medium, low);
  • RTP level;
  • Theme;
  • The variety of bonus symbols;
  • The presence or absence of jackpot.

There are over 260 slots in the provider's collection, and each of them is unique. This is noted not only by users, but also by international commissions. 

Popular features slots

In slot machines NetEnt bonus symbols are provided to increase winnings. They perform different functions. Lets look at some of the most popular symbols:

  1. Wild. This is a replacement symbol that can form combinations. They are set at a higher coefficient. Wild can not replace the scatter and other special elements.
  2. Scatter. Scatter symbol, which allows you to get a larger winnings. Scatter also triggers special features such as free spins or bonus games. 
  3. Bonus. His fall on the playing field activates the prize round. This can be a bonus game to double or other features. 
    Jackpot. Used when drawing the progressive jackpot. In some slots, if in one line collect five symbols with the image of Jackpot, the player receives the entire amount of the jackpot. 
  4. Multipliers. Increase the payout of combinations by several times. The symbols indicate the multiplier coefficient, for example, x2, x3, x4. They are taken into account when paying out the winnings. Multipliers can also be a variation of the joker. 
  5. Giant symbols. These are variations of the basic symbols, but occupying several adjacent positions on the playing field at once. Each cell of the symbol is calculated separately, so the winnings are increased several times.

A separate function in gaming machines NetEnt is the risk game or doubling game. The rules of the game in each slot is different. Typically, players need to guess the suit or color of the card, guess the even/odd dice or find hidden symbols behind the cards. If the player wins, his winnings are doubled, if he loses, he loses everything. Doubling game is not present in all slots. 

Jackpot slot machines

Slots with progressive jackpot deserve a separate category in the provider's assortment. It can be from 50,000 euros and higher. In slots with progressive jackpot a small amount of each bet adds to the total winnings. 

Two types of jackpot slots can be distinguished in NetEnt:

  1. Slots added to all partner casinos;
  2. Machines added only to major online casinos.

Among the slots with jackpots are particularly popular: "Starburst", "Gonzo's Ques", "Mega Fortune", "Blood Stuckers", "Joker Wild". Drawing rules are recommended to clarify in each machine separately. For games with jackpots NetEnt operate territorial restrictions. It is recommended to clarify them before starting to fight for big winnings. 

Online roulette: style and varieties

In the collection of games from NetEnt online roulette occupy an honorable place. This card game is presented in three types:

Types Description
European. There is only sector "zero", and the cells are numbered from 1 to 36. Bets can be placed on numbers, colors and rows of the playing field.
French. This variation is similar to European roulette: their style and types of bets are the same. There are 37 sectors on the wheel: zeros and numbers from 1 to 36.
American. There are two green sectors on the field: zero and double zero. The aim of the game is to guess in which of the sectors the ball will fall.

As a separate type of roulette stand out without zeros or roulette boules. Its main feature is that the sectors on the wheel is much smaller than in conventional games. The range of roulette bets depends on the particular slot. 

Strategy and system: how to use and win

Slot machines NetEnt you can easily use special bonuses. With their help you can increase the winnings by several times. For clarity, let's analyze the principle of using freespin bonuses. Free spins are awarded for registration in the casino, the activation of a promo code or participation in promotions. When you run the slot, freespins are first written off and only then does each spin become payable.

In slots NetEnt for a winning combinations using random number generator. This means that the prediction of falling out symbols is impossible. Nevertheless, many players are trying to do this by using special strategies:

  1. Martingale. The game starts with a pre-selected minimum bet. After each loss the player must increase the bet so that in the case of winning the player pays back all previous losses. In the case of winning, the player again sets the minimum bet. 
  2. Pyramid. First, the player makes the minimum bet and with each spin increases it regardless of the gain or loss. Once the limit is reached, the bet begins to gradually decrease to the minimum value. 
  3. Parlay. The basic principle of this strategy: in case of winning the player does not reduce the bet size, but on the contrary increases it by 2 times. And so until a predetermined amount is won. In the case of a loss, the minimum bet is set. 

Each of these systems allows you to try the slot in different rates and check how it reacts to the change bet. Both beginners and experienced users are recommended to follow the same strategy throughout the game. 

Play with care

NetEnt players should adhere to the rules of responsible gaming. In order not to encounter addiction to the casino, you need to play carefully. To do this, there are certain rules:

  • Only adult users are allowed to play. Age players and their personal information is checked at the verification stage. 
  • Do not recommend to make too large deposits. This rule applies primarily to newcomers who are too gambling. Use only those amounts of money that you can afford to lose. 
  • Do not strive to win back immediately after losing. It is better to wait for a certain period of time and only then start playing again.

To prevent addiction to cheating, you should set a time limit on the game. This should be done if there is a clear understanding that the game is harmful to the psychological or emotional health, worsens the financial situation. Before starting to play it is worth remembering that you can both win and lose. If you lose, the money is not returned. 


What is the RTP of slots from NetEnt?

The average rate of return (RTP) in slot machines NetEnt is 94-98%. The volatility of slots varies from low to high. The higher the RTP, the more chances to win.

What are the most popular machines provider NetEnt?

Among the entire collection of slot machines NetEnt most in demand are the following slots: "Divine Fortune", "Dead or Alive 2 Feature Buy", "Starburst", "Rome: The Golden Age". Popularity is associated with 3D-graphics, a variety of bonus features and risk doubling game.

How to increase the chances of winning at the slots?

To increase your chances of winning, choose slots with high returns and support for the progressive jackpot. If you activate the bonus round during the game, you can increase your winnings by several times. 

What modes are there in NetEnt games?

Slot machines NetEnt support two modes of play: for real money and demo mode. To play in the free version of the slots do not need to register at the casino and make a deposit.