American Roulette by NetEnt

Скриншот рулетки American Roulette

Rules of the game of American roulette by NetEnt

There are no special features in the rules. American roulette by NetEnt is played like most others. The only difference is that a double zero is added - another green sector, so the total number of numbers becomes 38. Payouts remain the same, but the probability of winning decreases, so the game becomes less profitable.

For example, if with a single zero you can win with an equal odds bet of 18/37 (48.65%), then American Roulette offers odds of 18/38 (47.37%). And that's a difference of more than one percent. Payouts in both cases for equal odds are 1 to 1. In terms of profitability, it makes no sense to play double zero roulette. Instead, you can play the European or, better yet, the French version, of which there are even more in the casino.

  • Features
    Release Date: 2014
    Type American Roulette
    Cost of chip: 0.1-1000
    Minimum bet: 0.1
    Maximum bet: 5000
    Max bet per number: 100
    Max payout ratio: x35
    Max payout ratio: 21200
    RTP (%): 97.74
    Platforms: PC, Smartphones

How to play American Roulette by NetEnt?

Consider an example variant developed by NetEnt. The bottom shows how the game looks like. At the bottom, the denominations of chips are listed. You choose the value of chips and then click on the betting table. Then in the bottom right corner click on the start button. 

You don't even need to remember the betting names and which sectors are included. Just hover over the section in the table and the numbers that are included in that bet will be highlighted. For example, hover over the "2nd -12" cell as shown in the screenshot below and the entire sector is highlighted. The more numbers the bet captures, the more chances to win, respectively, the smaller the payout.

NetEnt's American Roulette also offers an additional betting field that replicates the location of the numbers on the wheel. To open the additional field, click on the corresponding sign in the lower left corner of the screen.

This field allows you to bet on adjacent numbers. You select on this field, and the adjacent numbers to the left and right of it are highlighted. You can increase and decrease the number of neighbors. For example, "4 Neighbors" means 9 bets on a clean number - one number you select and four neighboring numbers on each side. This box is useful if you think the ball will fall in a particular sector of the wheel.

There is also a statistics button on the bottom left menu. This feature is offered in many roulette games. Players get statistics on hot and cold numbers, depending on how often or infrequently the corresponding numbers have fallen. However, this should not mislead players. How hot a number is has no effect on its chances of falling out in the next drawing. You can use it only for the sake of interest and entertainment.

Neither when playing American online roulette, nor any other game, it is impossible to predict what will fall next time. Because it uses a random number generator that does not take into account past draws.

Is it profitable to play American roulette?

Every casino game is unprofitable, because each one has the house advantage. Players give more and get less. But when it comes to other games, American Roulette is the least advantageous. When playing it, the casino advantage is 5.26%, which is almost twice and four times higher than the European and French versions, respectively.

With other parameters being equal, it's unclear why some players are willing to play the least favorable option, especially when it comes to playing in an online casino. After all, in land-based casinos, players may simply have no choice if there are American roulette tables and no others. But on gambling sites, there is always a choice.

However, if you compare it to some other gambling games, playing American Roulette will be more profitable. For example, slot machines with a theoretical return of less than 94.74% are already losing.

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